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Far removed from the sunlight and dogs evacuating their bowels, we're back with another episode that reveals who the anti-climactic mystery spider sender was, a brief introduction of Triskull Houndcep and how sailing on the RSL yacht is never a good idea. This episode is sponsored by the Kick A Dick League.

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Replaced this episode with the Chinese hospital story. Purely because I mentioned way too many names in it and it's easier just to replace the whole lot than edit it all. 

I'm getting lazy in my old age.

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Garbage Pale, Cannibal Corpse and Pop Off Hands discuss how to mystery chip, writing your name on your bong, turning a young man in to a sniper and getting in to a mother daughter cave whilst tearing a glovebox off a car.

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This week we find undeniable proof that it takes more strength to be weak and learn about Facebook fights that end with houses being burnt down and guns in a boot. Come for the story of Year 10's vs Year 9's but stay for the haircut challenge that one of us fails.

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Episode 5 - E

This week you get to learn about being an extra on a TV hit show, having your arse seen by a bunch of Dutch firemen, going to Zone 3 and pissing your pants whilst playing air hockey and looks like we're going to Soundwave (as well as riding from Melbourne to Bendigo!)

Also, enjoy a bonus track from Coach Captain, download the album for free at

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