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Hey everybody in the world. Time to crawl inside a car in the creek and make a wish. It's time to receive a phone call about a ute muster whilst watching A Knight's Tale with your pants around your ankles as you vomit under a tree. Get some McDonald's delivery as you chuck a knife at your sister and listen to Skruins.
Brought to you by the Public Bar and the Old Bar.

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L - Love, Lookalikes and Lars. If you’re in need of some love advice, this is the episode for you. Learn about being one of the only white people at a ‘Chocolate Sundae’ comedy night in L.A, questioning Aldi (the tradie of the supermarket) and their algorithm, how to Potato Story someone, Lars, Soulfly guesses a lookalike and the workplace attractive Stockholm syndrome.


Brought to you by The Public Bar and The Old Bar. Bonus song at the end by Josh Lobley.

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When was your first kiss and was Shania Twain involved? What did Fieldy do on the dance floor? Reckon we should ride one of those free Melbourne bikes to Bendigo? Are you coming to our first live show? What do you reckon about being forced to learn an instrument to pay off a jay-walking fine? Listener warning: Today's episode deals with an assassination that happened in 2009, if you're sensitive to stories of that nature, maybe skip it. 

This episode is brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar. 

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They said we wouldn't make it, but here we are, episode 10 is now up and ready for your ears. Jobs, jokes, jail. Join Mr. Jones and Me...Stereo and Crud Livingston for tales of getting punched at a work Christmas party, delivering drugs on a bike to elderly women as punishment for smashing up the cafeteria lady's car, accidentally going to Colac, a brief cameo by Moleman and should Fight or Flight be updated?

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