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Recorded live at The Old Bar, Melbourne on November 9th. Keep your ears peeled for Hockey Puck Shit's stiffy, Club X dog grave, Mandarin guessing game, the fee for joining the Bon Jovi forum, party poppers from Coolac in the eyes, a recount on the Bendigo Bands battle of the bands from 9 years ago, spotting Thorpie and of course, our very own paul Schaffer. Song at the end by the awesome, Jordan O' Jordan.

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The Skruins listener is very bright. You know a lot. You know that Dog Satan thinks the moon is hollow, and you know that we should be grateful for oral sex and kettle chips. You know about Sid’s nipple incision and Corey Taylor’s book deals. But this episode, you’ll learn a little more about the Skruins hosts. Are they a good root? What are they looking forward to? What would they rate their life out of ten? Have all your questions answered in this, episode 17 of the Skruins and Co Breakfast Show.    

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Hear the trail of destruction that follows in the wake of Skruins when they go golfing, go to Perth, deliver pizzas, get tiny tattoos and deal with real estate agents. Song at the end by Mother and Father - Won't Complain. Get it on vinyl for $10 at JB Hi-Fi. 
This episode brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar.

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In this week's episode, we aim to help you save some extra cash thanks to our helpful OzBargain tips. You'll also learn what Milo in the Bush is, how to impress ladies and why Mr. Big never made it to Shanghai.
Bonus song by Dear Eloise from their 7" on Genjing Records. Genjing are a super good Chinese label who release a lot of great stuff. Support 'em.
Episode brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar.

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New Zealand special! Horse meat in a milk bottle, goat eating prawn crackers, Mean Pitties churning up the Bebo charts and failing the confidence course.
Bonus song: Rackets - Colgate Kid.
Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar and Public Bar.

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