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If you’re going to have a New Year’s Eve party in your apartment, don’t invite the Bennies over to play – they’ll bring everyone, including former AFL premiership winners.
But we still can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year than by doing a podcast with Jules and a surprisingly quiet, Anty from the Bennies.

After a huge year doing Soundwave, Golden Plains, Falls, supporting NOFX, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, doing two national tours and a great Like A Version on Triple J, the only thing they haven’t done is Skruins.

We’ve thrown many mangoes in this garbage bin for your listening pleasure!

Happy New Year!

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Our Christmas episode has got everything you need to get you in the holiday spirit.
We're shirtless, there is a swimming race, some secrets are told in the sauna and Financial Brah drops by to make sure you don't have any rats in the pizza box. 

Whilst everyone is enjoying the holidays, Skruins will keep on churning out the golden pod hits.

Merry Christmas!

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Lasers from the marketplace roof, telling Shepparton truths
We’re up in the fun guy club and we’re ruthless, toothless
Chomping on primitive popcorn can’t sooth this
Aches in my legs from running to the skatepark
Toothbrush man crushing Mr. D’s in the park
Walk in to Shepparton to dack yourself on Monday
Cruise around and get stabbed on a Sunday
Message a girl for 3 years and it’s too soon
to take her to the lake and dance under the red moon

Proudly brought to you by The Public Bar and The Old Bar

Music: Briggs - Sheplife

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This episode is for Pat.

Skifree champions, Cheesewater and Undercut return with a very informative episode about the great city of Adelaide. We’ve recruited an Adelaide local, The Manager fresh buying some cheese snacks and fruit drink concentrate in Rundle Mall.
He may have a dolphin forehead and swollen testiculars, but he recognises all of the strangers in Adelaide. No one throws rocks at him when he goes home.

As always, our good friend Financial Brah drops in and if you listen closely, you may hear a special Skruins bolagnaise recipe.

Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar, The Public Bar and Darkwing Duck.

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Calling all Bundy drinkers. We’ve got cowboy on Skruins this week. He’s got the Akubra, the mammoth balls hanging from the rear vision mirror and a 6ft aerial.
He let’s us in on what a bull bar is actually for, what to say when a cop wants to throw out of the Deni Ute Musters and participating in a world record attempt.

Start boot scootin’ on your roof and hop on a mechanic bull and let Skruins do the rest.

Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar and Public Bar.

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This week, we were lucky enough to get Chinese music industry head, Archie Hamilton whilst he was in the country for the WAM and Face the Music conferences. We talk about what low level bribes are needed when putting on a festival in China, how bands get sucked into a system, meeting Gerard Way and the lessons he’s learnt from being in the music game for so long.

Song: Scalphunter – There Will Be Change

Proudly brought to you by The Public Bar and The Old Bar.

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In this episode, we set out to teach people about the world beyond our backyard, to set alight the flame of travel. Did we succeed? Only you can tell. Or if you want a spoiler, we totally failed.
But nonetheless, we do move in turds and we recorded this episode from an embassy protecting Sadam Hussein’s body.
Put on your French cowboy hat, get your Egyptian cotton passport stamped and we’ll see you on the other side.

Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar and the Public Bar.

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We’ve decided to take a break from the constant trash talking we seem to do and get serious. We’re not super young anymore. We have real adult responsibilities, so no matter how much we want to know if NASA have to plan for astronauts wanking in space, we’re not going to bring it up. Nope. We’re going to talk about being a hard-working musician. We’re going to talk about our finances and getting in the stock market.

It’s time we grow up, and we’d love for you to grow up with us this week.

Love always,
Peter Bognitch and Dr. Grey.

Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar.

Song: The Sunset Club – Over and Over

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Always on call, snake catcher George Moore tells of incredible tales from getting bitten by a red belly black snake, to crawling under houses with red backs all over his back, to illegally working at a Swedish zoo , feeding apes in Morocco and travelling through Syria and Jordan.
So get in to snake mode, don’t get bitten on the neck and learn all about the world of a snake catcher.

And yes, don’t worry, I ask him about Snakes on a Plane and how snakes have sex.

Proudly brought to you The Old Bar and The Public Bar.

Song: Motorhead – Snake Bite Love

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Back in the dank and we’re bound for gloryhole. This week we talk to someone who can walk us through the finer points of making love on a bus as well as where to buy postcards in Vietnam.
We reach out to our new friend, Dale Weightman as we move in with builders dressed in lycra.
Don’t breathe in the bin wind this week, my friends and remember, your body is the one true God. O’Doyle rules!

Proudly brought to you by The Public Bar and The Old Bar.

Song: Milk Teddy – Suburbs Mystery

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