Skruins and Co Breakfast Show

Straight from the belly of Timboon IGA, comes some bodies from under the Queen Vic Market, spouting trash about rats, Lambchop, wedding games, heirarchy of cigarettes, postal workers and Genie from down under plus a whole heap more hard to udnerstand rubbish.
Brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar as well as Tom's Beanies. 
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Now for the return of the first time second part episode not a second too late. So put on your Frown Casino shirt, get a wetshave and try to urinate with an erection as we guide you through a stalled library so you no longer have to read like Johnny 5. Need less input. Super Skruins week!

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Super special Skruins episode straight from the guts of Docklands with one man blues gameboy road dog, GuiGuiSuiSui in town to weird out audiences and eat cheap meals. Hear stories about Mad Kev, squat toilets, diddley boards, getting blind in Indonesia and blurred organs. 
See GuiGuiSuiSui on Jan 22nd at Tago Mago, Jan 23rd at The Old Bar and Jan 24th at The Bridge in Castlemaine. 

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Three men. One bucket. 28 shots. No hens night. Join the Skruins gang as they do a bunch of shots of honey and Blue Heaven and talk about K-Mo's audition wearing homemade wolverine claws, what it's like to have a wedding in China, how to say piss fat in Japanese and if you listen very closely, you may hear one of the co-hosts fart around the 1 hour mark.
Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar, The Public Bar and Tom's Beanies. 
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Why did so much of our education happen inside vans? Why didn't our educators teach us about Swahili Bob, Masturbation Eggs and how to use a Wipper Snipper? This week's keywords: Euroa, root, spit roast, sex pests, Thailand.
This week's episode brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar also a discount on Tom's Beanies for all Skruins listeners. 
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We told you 2015 is the Year of Skruins and to prove it, we’re kicking it off with an exclusive Tradie Special. We have two real life tradies fresh from crawling around under your house and slapping your spiders. What is this elusive Chippie Code with today’s paper? Who is Johnny Chang? Is hi-vis the new black? What happens in the smoko box? Why are Buddha Hockings’ hands so tough? Who goes a whole day walking on their shoelace? 
At the end, we have every tradie’s favourite track, Hobart grind band, nowyourefuckeD's 'Sex with hand'.
Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar.

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