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Break out the Bill Cosby Christmas album, it's Non Ratings Season at Skruins as we take a tiny break to see if we can make friends with Playboy models. But never the less, there's stories from a massive Smashing Pumpkins fanboy and watch as this podcast turns in to the closest thing we've had to a celebretiy gossip episode with stories of Josh Homme, Grandmaster Flash, Dinosaur Jr Billy Corgan and Magic Dirt. 

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Song: The Stabs - Never Going Home

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Take this season finale as a guide on how not to talk to JB managers. Become a friend of the $2 peep and gather all your mangy dogs to meet down at the MCG bowling machine. Let's go out with a smile. Let us die doing what we loved, running around a darkened maze dodging lasers from a grown man in a netball bib. Year of MUGGA FUGGEN SKRUINS!

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Song: my little airport​ - 在動物園散步才是正經事

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Well, well, well. We’ve made it. Kinda. The first season is complete. On part one of our season finale, all your questions will be answered.
What does a seal with cataracts have to do with ruining a man’s jumper? How can you get out of $8,000 worth of parking fines? What’s Captain Planet’s deal? What happens when our partners leave us for a few days? Do echidna’s have four headed penises?
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Song: Boss Christ – Party at Boss Christ’s house.

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Episode 29. This episode is for all those who clocked Kula World. For those who found the key in the A*Mazing maze. The brave souls who pumped on your stereo and made a Slipknot clock. The Aldi alcohol consumers who make this life worth living. Lest we forget.
Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar
Song: Dead Farmers - Can't Go.

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