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Part 2 of Episode A is up and out in the big bad scroggin filled world. We start at the $2 peeps, showing two newbies the beautiful world that is Club X. Then we cross on back over to Deep Fried Crab Guts so he can tell us who his town crazy was. We talk about the end of apartheid, the werewolf attack, how to get closure on a relationship and answer a question that still baffles scientists and philosophers all around the world: aren’t all doors on hinges?    

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Song: BJ Morriszonkle - I don't want to die (but sometimes)

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Season 2 kicks off with a bang and a bit of fuzz! We've got our good friend, Fried Crab Guts in to talk about being a devout Jehovah's Witness with a swag hat in South Africa and eventually get on to more pressing topics such as outdated buck's parties, Helen Hunt helping a disabled man have sex and how to avoid getting bitten by a snake.

Proudly brought to you by The Old Bar and The Public Bar.
Song: Seahorse Divorce - Long Term Loan

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Guest hosts, King Carrot and Papa Roach 69 cruise around Adelaide and Sydney Soundwaves in the search for Slipknot, or at least someone who has met them - even if it is at the book singing. Take the Skruins Slipknot quiz and sit back as a couple of 16 year old girls give our Coolac boys some dating tips. 

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Bless your ginger cornrows for downloading the Melbourne Soundwave Special. This week we watch as Godsmack remind us that they are alive, Slash does a solo, Papa Roach conjur up memories of collecting video tapes at skate parks and Manson pretends he was scoring drugs. 
Next week, The Search for Slipknot at Adelaide and Sydney Soundwaves. 

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The last episode in our non ratings season and we’ve got Number 1 Docklands Fan in to talk about his Soundwave experience, China tour tips, Climate Headwear, being locked in a cage before a festival, flying 11 hours to Wi-Fi at Starbucks and why Etihad is the best place ever.

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Song: Digger and the Pussycats – 10 Car Pileup

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