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In July, 2014, Canadian teacher, Neil Bantleman and Indonesian teachers' aide, Ferdinant Tjiong were arrested in Jakarta and accused of sexually abusing three young children at a prestigious international school.
The case has been riddled with a ridiculous lack of evidence and a judge who threw out evidence and witnesses that the defense presented.
Skruins speaks to two people who live in Jakarta and know both Neil and Ferdi – in an attempt at real journalism, we hope that this story gets shared and justice and common sense prevail.

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He's worked with former child soldiers in Uganda, toured Australia with some of the world's biggest Christian bands and won heaps of coin on Deal or No Deal, plus we went to same secondary college. We talk about questioning your faith, Christian music groupies, sweating on national TV and his aid work overseas. 

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Skinny Fester joins us and leads us down to new information such as, Bomber Thompson's much applauded role on Home Improvement, bozzin' your tour guide pants, running up Mount Wycheproof, 24 hour florists and what to do if something is too sloppy. 
I used to walk to work, but now I bring my lunch. 

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One of the funnest podcasts we’ve done! Episode B – Fly in the Ointment is now out and about. We got a bartender in to make a cocktail using on things bought from Aldi, then we sit back, sip and dine on Chicken Heroes, watch some Crawf TV,  make sure we’ve got funk 2 spunk and vomit on our soiled underwear.
So come along and shit out your brain lining with us as we take you down birthday blumpy road.

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