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The big 5 - 0! Celebrate good times with Chris and Bosma from one of Australia's hardest working and nicest bands, The Smith Street Band. Be ushered behind the merch tent to be strip searched and be probed with tales about the road, the beginning, the scrotom and the future. 

Song: The Smith Street Band - South East Facing Wall 

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With an incredible sense of curiosity, former AFL player, Glenn Manton tells partying after 95 Grand Final win, joining a bobsled team, being a goalkeeper, being attacked in Germany and his work with White Lion and Outside the Locker Room. 
As well as the likelihood of being reincarnated as a one-legged seagull, his time on The Footy Show amongst many other things! 


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Skruins favourite, Emerald is back and acting as co-host this week as we chit chat to a real life truckie who helps us lift the lid on the seedy world of big rigs, with their UHF radios, tilting the cab up, truck stop hookers and a few other things that will blow your mind.
Actually, not really. It's a light hearted chat and we get off topic pretty easily with turtle neck funerals, Fergie, Lynx shower gel and Cards Against Humanity. 

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WARNING: This episode contains a massive bombshell that you may not recover from. One of the hosts has been harbouring a deep, dark secret and reveals all. Brace yourself.
We also ponder the beneifts of engaging in oral sex before going shopping, the real reason I don't have two wives, what happens when a dog eats a dead bird as well as a new segment called 'Oh come on, Facebook'.

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Crack open a faded can of Duff, sit back and let Skruins take you on a trip in the long grass to see what Pog is up to. Pack a stolen harmonica, some red hot chilli pizzaand on of Koutoufides' kebabs for the journey! Could be a long trek. 

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Song: Shiny Coin - Green Smoothie 

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