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Want to get inside the head of a 15 year old just to see what makes them tick? What's it like going to high school in 2015 when everyone has social media and a camera in their pocket? Do boys still form a circle around two girls and chant 'kiss, kiss' until they kiss?
Find out all that and less on this week's Skruins!  
We've driving two long hours to do a podcast in our spitural home, Coolac with the three Coolac boys. They spray themselves with chocolate Lynx, check the 'Gram and hand mix cement in the South Australian desert; all for your entertainment!

Song: Japan For - A Drink for the Road

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I was there during the recording and still have no idea what happened in this podcast! What started with a chicken wench making a noise quickly turned in to a burping competition sponsored by Scrotox. Brace yourself for a world of nonsense like a limestone cowboy. 

Also, good news! The app is back!

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E is for expat and so we got ourselves a real life American to come on and share his tales of getting punched in the head, basketball riots, his hometown crazy and we ponder who exactly directed the cult cinematic masterpiece, Jack? 
Plus rants on why Uber is the new ambulance and the constant presence of the Mankini. 

Song: Unwound - Scarlette

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People in life can get rubbed down to a boring nub. It's easier to remain neautral and innoffensive just to get through the day. That's how old people seem to settle on Bingo as a main activity; no one gets hurt, no one gets offended. 
Which is why it's incredibly nice to have guests like this. A self confessed bogan who has put his penis through an incredible amount of pain tells of his drink driving experience and whilst managing to survive without hurting anyone else, the court appearances, interlock fitting and pure expense of a toughtless act should steer anyone away from getting behind the wheel if they've had a few drinks. 

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Song: Witch Hats - In the Mortuary 

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