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Chatting this week to someone who was in a long term heterosexual relationship whilst coming to terms with the fact that she was a lesbian.
We talk about what a Gold Star is, what constitutes being a real life lesbian in Bendigo, how a 360 mirror turned me in to a lesbian and how to respond when a friend’s brother messages you out of the blue questioning your life choices.

Kenny G also chimes in from the couch!

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Song: Pen Ron - Ke Kromom Tha Ke Chas

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Fresh from driving Trophy Eyes all around North America on their recent Vans Warped tour, is our second cousin, King Carrot.
He tells some road dawg tales and explains that looking for Pie Face in New York is a waste of time.
So, wash your face in orange juice and get your fancy tickled this week on Skruins.

Song: Trophy Eyes – Convalescence

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King Carrot’s podcast: Home is where the van is  

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J is for Jen Cloher. B is for Bubbles. M is for Milk Records. A is for Adelaide. What does that spell? JBMA the new drug that is taking Cranbourne by storm. 
Usually we'd encourage you to sit back and relax, but not this week. Sit up straight. Focus on your breathing, invest in a DNA test and learn about the music making machine that is Jen Cloher. 

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Song: Jen Cloher - Needle in the Hay

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New Zealand's, God Bows To Math come on down to Docklands to infringe upon our parking regulations and discuss the finer things in life, like insurance claims. 
Would you be liable if your semen blocked your apartment building's drain? Find out the answer in this week's Skruins.

Can an autistic sheep find happiness and were Helen Hunt and Rob Thomas seperated at birth? I think you'll find the answer to both is a big, fat, resounding 'no'. 

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Buy the new God Bows To Math album, 'Brighter Futures' through Muzai Records.

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Warning with this episode. Sound quality is a bit rough and for some weird reason there is some clicking at random points. Haunted mixing desk, maybe. 
But if you think a school excursion to see some ferrets, biting a mole off your arm, doing a scavenger hunt in a cemetery and finding out why dugs are so prevalent in Bendigo is cool beans then could be worth a listen.
Oh, and also a girl talks about her horrible, sweaty brush with death!

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Song by Reykjavictim. Get his stuff here:

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