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Back in the dank and we’re bound for gloryhole. This week we talk to someone who can walk us through the finer points of making love on a bus as well as where to buy postcards in Vietnam.
We reach out to our new friend, Dale Weightman as we move in with builders dressed in lycra.
Don’t breathe in the bin wind this week, my friends and remember, your body is the one true God. O’Doyle rules!

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Song: Milk Teddy – Suburbs Mystery

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Scream 3, Blade 3, Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. We’ve learnt that the best things come in threes, so we’ve got part 3 of The Life and Times of a Calculated Risk.
We catch up and see how his trip to Bali was drinking fermented coconut water and then as conversations do, we moved on to being a fire and flood restoration technician, the long term effects of using meth and being admin for the Orhpan Black fan page.

We also get a look into what it was like on the grounds during the anti-mosque protests that for some reason keep happening in Bendigo even though Shepparton has four mosques and they haven’t been overrun with terrorists.

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Song: South Acid Mimi Dance Team -控制

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Think you know a lot about cringe worthy nu-metal and early Metallica? Well, you probably do. It's facts about 36 Crazyfists and Re-Load that take up valuable brain space that has most likely resulted in you dropping out of your nursing course. Life's hard. We all feel it. But you need not feel alone any longer, for Skruins has your back. 
We know heaps about garbage! What Sevendust member was dating which Coal Chamber member, what the name of Mudvayne's album means, how Lars got his snare sound for St. Anger - but sadly, we still can't answer where do you shit in the suburbs?

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Song: The Wolves lives at High Voltage Fest, 2000. 

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Very excited to have Stuart Grant from the Primitive Calculators on this week’s Skruins podcast! He shares what St. Kilda was like in the mid 70’s, taking drugs, being a wedding singer, hosting Rage, becoming Mr. Bum, the new semi-positive direction of the band and wanting to change the world.

“When punk happened, we thought that something more important than that was happening”

Song: Primitive Calculators – Why

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