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Time to pop over to Singapore now to learn all about Orchid Towers, stocking dishwashers and putting on gigs with Mac Demarco, Dune Rats, La Dispute, Kirin J Callinan to name a few. So, this episode we’ve got our good friend Mel in to tell us about all those things and more!

Personally, I think the best thing about Singapore is that you can get Twisties in the 7/11, which after living in China for years and not being able to get much else besides banana milk and eggs boiled in tea at 7/11, was a real treat.

Song: Totally Mild – Move On

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// Episode 78 out now\\ 

I don’t know what I’ve been told.
Skruins podcast is weekly gold.

Alright you maggots, this week we’ve got a real life Army man to make us crawl through mud in search of Sanity gift vouchers, dinger heavy tram drivers, Paul Rifleman and a Go-Pro stapled to a skull.
It’s a good episode with undefeated go-kart champion, Full Bled Mansack and our Army expert, Rambo.

Drop and give us twenty!

Song: Black Aces - Soulstealer

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It’s about time we looked a bit closer at gender identity, so on Episode 77 of Skruins and Co, we sit down with someone who identifies as a trans non binary / trans masculine and find out a bit more about what that entails. 

We talk about babies being assigned a gender at birth, the want for gender neutral pronouns, bro-ing down, going on first dates and being able to feel comfortable and safe in social settings.

Song: Spike Fuck – Tomorrow We Get healthy

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When entering your third season as a podcast, you need to go large and so we’ve called up The Mean Pitties lead singer and got him back to tell stories of grifting gold, German handball, Bok Bok and how much trapping a cat will get you in New Zealand.

We also put Aldi inside the Chinese embassy, search in vain for trolleys in Richmond, steal some bodegas and find out why the police were called because of a bag of onions and a vacuum cleaner.

Song: Bruce Haack – Blow Job

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