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Hi, Skruins world. Meet Ricky. He plays guitar in the Brian Jonestown Massacre and is incredibly good at breaking molars and getting idiots to leave the party.
He tells a few tour stories, shares his experience of being a producer in China as well as tour managing Chinese bands across North America.

I love it when someone comes on who hasn’t heard the podcast and rolls with everything and is easy to talk to, even more so when they travel to my house just to do it. Ricky ticks all those boxes and that’s why he rules.

Song: Carsick Cars – She Will Wait

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We’ve got Johhny Mackay (Fascinator / Children Collide) in this week to find out who owns his face, what sort of model trains we need to get in to a cool club in the meat packing district and how he came second in a pun competition.

Financial Brah gives some more solid financial advice, we give some solid fashion advice and review Cream Theatre's new album.

Song: Fascinator – Time To Go

This week, two of New Zealand’s finest drop in to talk about kids menus, being hit on by sleazy drummers, having Daniel Johns mess with your guitar pedals and rock star tantrums.

Song: Die! Die! Die!- Harmomy

Get the new Die! Die! Die! EP ‘What Did You Expect’ here:

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Australian DJ and music producer, Benson is on Skruins this week to throw out some Mark Holden style touchdowns, critique my JVC television, touring with Peking Duck and playing with David Guetta.

Give it a listen and find out how someone who failed year 9 music can end up playing at some of Australia’s biggest festivals ontop of entering into internet battles with KFC.
INSTAGRAM: bensonaus

Song: Benson – Hollow (feat. Thom Crawford)

It’s Britney, bitch.

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Insert ball bearings into your penis and be serenaded with our beautiful rendition of a classic Linkin Park song.
Should you give obese people a seat on the train?
How long would you wait in a doctor’s waiting room?
Where is the Bali Hyatt python now?
How much does a garbage man make?

Chuck on your Bintang singlet, leather that skin up and park yourself outside of a bar and listen to us battle it out to find out which place is better; Bali or Thailand.

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