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Things I didn’t know before this week’s episode:
- It was possible for veins to grow in dreads.
- There was a Crack letterbox drop in New Zealand.
- Dalvanious was a first name.
- The birth of John Goatsman.
- How to become a famous underwear sniffer.
- How to break down confidence.
- How to get free fast food.
- What pants you need to wear to a motion master.

Song: Tiki Taane - Always On My Mind

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There is an old wives’ tale amongst podcasters that only a select few really have what it takes to get to their 87th episode. So, it’s understandable the Skruins HQ is stoked to be able to announce we’ve just joined the prestigious ’87 Club’.

We’ve managed to raise the bar whilst wearing a Spiderman suit and concealing currency in our foreskin which is easier said than done.
Look of Love is back to keep your love life balanced and we get a nice little bow on our Tinder gifts.

This episode is proudly brought to you by no-one as we’re totally off the grid.

Song: Threat.Meet.Protocol – The Garden

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I once walked past a guy on Swanston St promoting his comedy show ‘Love Me Tinder’ where he was dressed as Elvis telling Tinder tales.
At work people tell me about their Tinder dates and spend breaks swiping left and right.
I’ve seen some videos and photos that people send back and fourth to each other after meeting on Tinder that were racier than a Sabrina The Teenage Witch erotic tale; but I haven’t been on Tinder. I feel like I’m missing out, so this week we got a Tinder expert – and like most words on the podcast, we use that term incredibly loosely – to talk about his Tinder tales over a glass of fine whisky.

Song: The Stiffys – King of the Internet

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Making sure you are rised and shined this week with Skruins FM, filling in for Hoosey and the Bozmeister making your workday fly by with some cold, hard facts and traffic updates.

This post is brought to you by Tetrasonic Panels and Diggers Insurance.

** But really, step inside and take a look at me flexing my ego in the most manic of ways.

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