Skruins and Co Breakfast Show

He came 9th in the World Beard and Moustache Championships and been a tour guide for over 35,000 people and now he’s on Skruins to talk about a huge range of stuff.
From BMX rivalries to eating whale to visiting a robot café in Japan, we talk about traits learnt whilst living abroad and how to grow a beard that would impress Rammstein.

Also, very happy to be bringing back the Sound FX app out of retirement for some brief cameos.


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New Zealand band, Carb on Carb are in the country for their Sad By Sad West tour and pop on the show to talk about baboons in South Africa, farming life, why they love Florida and to throw some shout outs to Freedom Furniture.

Give your buddy, Mazda a call and let him know you’ll be crushing up some garlic and chillin’ with Skruins for the next 59 minutes.

Song: Carb on Carb – Zuri Gaffney

Carb on Carb Aus tour dates:
April 21st - The Pheonix, Canberra
April 22nd - 24th - Sad by Sad West, Sydney
April 28th - Trainspotters, Brisbane
April 30th - Jura Books, Sydney

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I'm not super proud of this episode. Recorded on a golf course in early April, 4 friends went out and played the pilot game of Drunk Caddy, a game they had invented that involves a game of golf where the caddies get increasingly drunk. 

It ends with regret, slurred speech, giggling and yelling. It's hard listening to yourself when you're drunk, but I put this up as a warning to others - don't get too drunk, it's not a fun time. Plus, I spent the night vomiting. Although, I did find a good hat on the fairway so it wasn't all bad. 

Power through this one and get in touch if you want the rules of Drunk Caddy in PDF format. 

Song: John Daly - Hit It Hard (Skruins Remix)

Ian Ballsack Healy, singing off.

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Shanghai comedian, Storm Xu is in town for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and popped in to talk about getting mugged, how all bullies become chefs, shaving rats and his plans for his comedy.

Very pleased to introduce a new segment, Paintball Brah!

Go see Storm Xu as part of the Comedy Zone Asia tour at the Comedy Festival this month!

Song: Top Floor Circus - 上海25小时

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