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This week, we’ve got one of the friendliest dudes you’ll meet in music. Legendary guitarist, Raúl Sánchez. From Magic Dirt, to River of Snakes, The Ape, Midnight Woolf and one off guitarist for Violent Soho and now to Skruins. What a climb to the top!

He talks about his first day at a Melbourne high school, playing the most amount of Big Day Out’s in history, long trains in China, being on John Safran’s Music Jamboree and tell the best System of a Down story ever told on this podcast – and there’s been a heap of them! Mostly made up by me.

We also do some Frank Tank and If I Put My Mind To It as well as a theory that will help you understand why some people are huggers and some aren't.

Down with the real estate agents!

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Your two favourite New Zealand guests are back, fresh from replacing their eyebrows with pubic hair. The Mean Pitties are back on the bourbs and the herbs and slinging tales of purplos in the foreskin, bringing condiments to the Queen St Carl’s Jnr, creating Bebo for Baxter and poking a goat’s testicals.
It’s a highbrow episode that Wyatt Mama endorses and actually one the Peter Brock Award for Excellence.


Song: Dad Jokes - Surf the Wave

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This week's episode is the self proclaimed 'pinnacle of podcasting' with more segments than you can poke a Batman shaped joenail at. 
Financial Brah swings by with some handy tax tips for the Australian Taxation Office and investors will love our new segment, Frank Tank. 

Special guest cameo by my Mum and sister who were lucky enough to be in the studio audience while this episode was getting taped. 

Song: Free Time - Who Owns the Moon?

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The votes are in and we are happy to be counting down the hits on Skruins FM with you this week.
Our interns have been tallying the votes for the last few months and we're proud to bring you the best 100 songs as voted by you, the podcast listener.

What will be number one? Hey Jude by the Beatles? Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix? The Sound of Silence by Disturbed?

We’ve got the Skruins Secret Sound, Driving Daydreaming and an enemy list that still hurts our hearts.

Come witness my dissent in to further madness.

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I know a lot about early 200’s nu-metal and airport theories, but I didn’t know a lot about Zimbabwe. Real gap in the knowledge there. So to rectify that, this week’s episode is with two Zimbabwe locals who talk about opposing tribes, impressive literacy rates, witch doctors and getting beaten up.

There’s also a good sadza recipe in there too!

Song: Oliver Mtukudzi - Ndakuvara

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