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We've taken you out for a fancy dinner with a microbiologist, we've invited you to our 100th birthday bash and now let's have a nightcap at Melbourne's iconic live music bar, The Old Bar. 

Lucky one of the owners, Joel Morrison is here to show us around! I wonder what financial advice he will have.

Song: Tankerville - Breakfast Kebab

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We’ve done 100 of these things now. You know the drill. No write up is going to make you start caring. That’s fine. This episode isn’t for the fair-weather listeners. It’s for the hardcore listeners, who listen week in and week out.
So if that’s you, thank you! This episode is a party for you. Financial Brah will drop in and say hello, there will be a lot of supermarket talk and a theory that involved Liam Neeson in Taken.

Thanks to anyone who has listened to all 100 episodes. You deserve a gold medal. We do worry for your mental health, but no more than we worry for our own.

You guys have been with us for nearly 100 episodes, and to thank you, we’ve booked a table at a fancy restaurant and would like to give you a good meal and let you ask questions to a micro biologist.

Please, order what you want as it’s all on us and let’s enjoy an adult night together before our big 100th episode party!

Song: Low Talk - Yeah, but in the end we will accept it

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Remember when the Jetsons went back in time and met the Flintstones? It was the greatest exercise in cross-promotion the world had ever seen. That is, until the Key of Solomon boys came on to Skruins, in their best Eric Draven make up and shared stories of battling bands in Geelong, failed colouring competitions and hassling a mouldy old wench.

Song: Blackhelm - Predatorial Ancestry
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