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When you're roaming around the sewers of Melbourne, you don't often expect to bump in to old high school friends, so I was very surprised to see the Mouldy Slink in amongst the syringes and fecal matter. 

This episode is more fun than a gun pig's backyard funeral but nowhere near as much fun as getting your German teacher in a headlock and going down the Hoobie Toobie. 

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The Land Gulls and Sea Gulls are currently involved in a vicious civil war and somehow we got stuck in the middle of it. We’re currently hiding in this cave somewhere at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.
Don’t bother sending help. It’s kinda comfy and I’ve got Emerald and our resident Army expert, Rambo.


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Recently, the Real Estate Inspirational Ideas and Conversations Conference just down the road from my house. I actually risked life and limb sneaking my recorder in there to get this audio.

There was an insane amount of dudes there with slicked back hair and navy blue suits swapping business cards and talking about how many houses they had flipped. Kind of a gross vibe. But regardless, I hope you like this undercover expose on the dark underbelly of real estate.

Fresh from recent stints at the PGA Championships, Masters and the U.S Open, we are very proud to have The Greatest Golfer in Life on this week’s Skruins podcast.
With his caddy, Toothless Tony, TGGIL tells all about his controversial sword strategy during a recent Drunk Caddy tournament.

Plus, and you guys know I’m not one for hyperbole, but what may be one of the best ever Poorly Thought Out Theories in the history of the known universe.

Song: The Bunyip Moon – Kill Everything

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