Skruins and Co Breakfast Show

We’re ditching an hour of bullshit in favour of a more civilised and highbrow style of podcasting.
This week, we’ve got a lawyer, a microbiologist and my good self, a master of incredible theories and snorkeling and we’re tackling the big issues.

Welcome to the thinking person’s podcast.

Your Dad’s Got a Dick – The Intellectual Debates

Song: Duck Fight Goose – A Nation of Disillusion

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We’ve got a King of the Doofs this week! Comedian and host of The Podcast Formerly Known As swings by Docklands to get berated about owning a Harley.
On behalf of everyone who has ever been deafened by someone on a motorbike, I ask him to explain himself. Then we start talking about if sharks can see in the dark.
Twitter: @thepodcastchris


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Every week I give you theories. Not the theories you want, but the theories you deserve. Theories that come from a real want to make society a better place.
Then I invite close friends in to tear those theories apart and shit on my dreams.

Song: Braille Face - Glow

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She’s famous for being able to insert ‘fang’ into any song and we’re stoked to have her back on the podcast with her husband, Flo Bro. That’s right, Skruins tragics, Melon Fuckhead is back to fang it up.
They talk about the benefits of eloping, how to entertain yourself with a sleeping bag and leaping over your lover at 5am singing Peter Gabriel.

On a bit of a sour note, seems Dan from Cairns has got himself into a bit of trouble. We’ll let you know more when we find out, but we are incredibly worried for his safety.

Song: Leather Towel – Nacho Chips

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