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Cold Hard Fact: We grew up in Bendigo, and we had access to a whole lot of amazingly interesting people. Probably none more than our guest this week. 
His ability to make up bizarre games, get himself into bizarre situations and remember bizarre facts are legendary. 

So, we hope to share a few of these games and memories with you. YOu'll learn about Coackroach Buggerers, individual Television, Flooding Toilets, Post It Note Pranks, Glad Wrap Vehicles and Umpire Dickhead.

We hope you enjoy this brief snapshot of what it was like growing up with friends like these. 

Song: Werribee Woman by Financial Brah Quartet.

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Step inside the mind of a 7 year old as he gives the best enemy list we've ever had and dishes the dirt on Charlie, the secret girl lover. 

Song: Buried With The Rest - Cut Me Open

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A guest who can attest to my Tetris prowess, we’ve got Rui Pereira on Skruins this week. Former guitarist of The Drones and now in Pale Heads, he shares some amazing road stories in between inventing the rock mop and carrying an explosive phone. A great dude that we’ll definitely be returning to Docklands for another episode.

Song: Spencer P. Jones and the Nothing Butts - Duplicity

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Unprotected sex can lead to many things; rashes, itches, discharge but it can also lead to the Mum Code. A sacred bond between Mothers around the world. What is the Mum Code? Stand up comic, Caili Christian told me but I forget so if you’re desperate to know, have a listen to this week’s #blessed podcast.

Big shout out to all the Mums who listen to Skruins!

Song: The Horde - Babamama

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