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In this week's episode, we find out what happened to Ballzachary after Financial brah put a bullet in his head for pretending to kidnap Dan from Cairns. 

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Merry Christmas, everyone! 
May you receive your own Ja Ja Binks Laden as you gather the family around the TV for some epic Mario Kart Battles. 

Song: Corey Taylor - XM@$

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Financial wizard, Russel Shaw begged to get another round with Financial Brah. This time, we wanted to chat about stocks. But not before I quiz him about the financial benefits of shopping at Aldi. 

Song: Waxhead - Opinions

Find Russel Shaw at Acceptance Finance - a great team who gets the Skruins thumbs up!

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Melanoma Man is now a plumber. 
Adelaide is the only place in the world where iced coffee outsells Coca Cola. 
One of us is always on a payphone.

It's Skruins. You know what to expect. Now take those expectations and lower them.

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