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Bass player for Lord, podcaster and fellow Velocity Points fanatic, Andy Dowling comes on Skruins to learn how to best utilise that new Commonwealth credit card deal. Pretty sure we talked about other things and I made him eat a gross jellybean, but mostly, it's solid finance and love advice.

Don't make a big deal about it, but yes, I did do another Skruins remix. 

Song: Lord - Set in Stone

For all Andy related stuff, head to

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We take our New Zealand friend on a trip around regional Victorian city, Bendigo. 
Come along as we show him the many sights that Bendigo has to offer, like Club X, Diamond Lil's and a fish and chip shop!

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Dean used to break into homes for money with the cops permission and he talks about the time he saw a dead body. Chris used to play HTML based video games without the cops explicit permission. 

We've got the boys from The Podcast Formerly Known As in at Skruins HQ (aka Docklands).

Song: The Tracy Lords - Potential H-Bomb

Chris' Youtube:

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Tina and Amy from Melbourne band, Beloved Elk are on Skruins to talk about building sheds, reaching Pozible targets, after school television; but mostly to hear my amazing remix. 

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Fresh from a huge hike through the mountains of Japan, Melon F*ckhead and her torrent subbing husband, Flo Bro are in to tell us about spiders with transparent legs, pit vipers and getting naked. 

Also, I whole heartedly apologies for the rap played on the episode. I'd been awake for 24 hours, lost half my body weight in sweat dancing to a never-ending remix of I Will Survive and had been listening to too much Bliss N Eso. 

Song: Masa Nakayama - Yokohama is Hot!

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