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Melbourne photographer, Zo Damage has spent the last 365 days photographing live bands. It's a feat worthy of the Guinness World Records and enough to make anyone feel lazy. 
We talk about the project, about photographing in general and I finally find someone who agrees with my poorly thought out theory!

Zo Damage's 365 8 Night Celebration / Exhibition starts on Wednesday, March 3rd at The Old Bar. for more information.

Song: Holy Serpent - Bury Me Standing

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Good luck making any sense out of this. 

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He's written for Rockwiz, had a BBQ sponsorship, played guitar for The Triffids, recorded Dirty Three and Primitive Calculators, plays guitar with Spiral Stairs from Pavement and is now a booker of the upcoming Australian tour for three Beijing bands; Carsick Cars, Birdstriking and White+.

Coolac boys and Double Andrews, meet Julian.
Julian, this is the Skruins gang. 

Check out Far Out Distant Sounds on Facebook for more tour information.

Song: Primitive Calculators - C**t Life

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This week's guest, Heath Lander used to be a bouncer at a nightclub in Melbourne. On Skruins, he talks about the effects of having a gun pulled on hum by a disgruntled patron, writing his book 'The Bouncer' and about his pilates studio, White Dog Studio and why I should probably destroy my mattress.

Song: Half/Cut - Martin was a Diver

Heath's pilates studio: White Dog Studio
Check out Heath's book, 'The Bouncer' out now on Finch Publishing.

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