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Melbourne band, Root Rat are about to release a 7" with a Saturday residency at the Tote. To celebrate, they're twirling fire, eating massive wheels of cheese and getting the Skruins remix. 

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He was there for the infamous Chaser APEC stunt, helped make shows like The 7.30 Report and The New Inventors and now Jake Lloyd Jones climbs to the top of the media ladder by appearing on Skruins!

For more info on Jake and his films go to:

Song: Jess & Matt - Sydney To Me

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Hobart brother and sister, LJ and Bean talk punch ups at shows, recording for a major label in the 90's, sleeping with a rat and they get blessed with a beautiful Skruins remix!

Song: The Dacios - Exactness of Desire

The Dacios 'Beyond The Bottom Hour' out now on Homeless Records.

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The Microbiologist is back and answers all of my incredibly in-depth and socially relevant questions!

Song: Mod Vigil - Bad Day

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