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You know my poorly thought out theories are always amazing. Well, it's time to squeeze three of them in to one episode!!

Song: Dead Kelly - The Legend of Borry

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An old episode I sat on for a while, but hopefully it's still got some juice in it. 
I'm married, you're married, we're all married. Well, not all of us are - that's the knuckle dragging Liberal party's work. But divorce is happening all the time too, so I wanted to chat to someone whp went through a big break up and pick over the bones of their relationship in hopes that we can all learn something, or forget something or vaguely remember something. 

Song: Birdstriking - Monkey Snake

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This week's guest, Heath Lander used to be a bouncer at a nightclub in Melbourne. On Skruins, he talks about the effects of having a gun pulled on hum by a disgruntled patron, writing his book 'The Bouncer' and about his pilates studio, White Dog Studio and why I should probably destroy my mattress.

Song: Half/Cut - Martin was a Diver

Heath's pilates studio: White Dog Studio
Check out Heath's book, 'The Bouncer' out now on Finch Publishing.

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Tina and Amy from Melbourne band, Beloved Elk are on Skruins to talk about building sheds, reaching Pozible targets, after school television; but mostly to hear my amazing remix. 

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Aaron Osborne and I are pretty much twins, in the same way that Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger are twins. I'm probably more Arnie in this analogy because I'm so buff and I like riding a bike without a helmet. 
Listen in disgust as we tap into our nu-metal roots, share our experiences at the Telstra Tower and having rabies at McDonald's in China. 

The only point we really differ on is how best to use a blanket on a trampoline. 

Check out Aaron's podcast, Oblivious Maximus for a bunch of good chats with good heads and his bands, I Exist and Mental Cavity.

Song: I Exist - Heal Me In Smoke

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Finally been able to get someone on who can rival Financial Brah for sound economic advice. Russel Shaw from Acceptance Finance is on Skruins this week to go head to head with Financial Brah.
Russel has been the treasurer of a bank, mortgage and finance broker and economics lecturer as well as teaching Parkway Drive everything they know about finance.

But, where does he stand on the Ghostbusters machine? What does he think about real estate agents? Does he have a credit card?

Brace yourself for a finance heavy discussion from two fiscal masterminds.

Song: Russel Shaw – What More Can I Say?

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Tom Lyngcoln plays in The Nation Blue, Harmony and Pale Heads and has lived an amazing life, growing up in Tasmania, touring South America, supporting the Foo Fighters on an arena tour, hanging out with Lemmy but we don’t let him tell any of those stories. Instead, we want to hear about his early 90’s basketball card collection and that time he was lucky enough to see Lo-Tel perform.

If you like scamming charities for free burgers, you’ll love this episode, or at the very least, tolerate it!

Order The Nation Blue’s new albums ‘Blue’ and ‘Black’ from Poison City Records and see them at the Gasometer in Melbourne this Friday night (October 21st) and in Hobart on Saturday (October 22nd).

In a way, weren’t we all the teenager of the year?

Song: The Nation Blue - I Get Tired

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We’ve got a King of the Doofs this week! Comedian and host of The Podcast Formerly Known As swings by Docklands to get berated about owning a Harley.
On behalf of everyone who has ever been deafened by someone on a motorbike, I ask him to explain himself. Then we start talking about if sharks can see in the dark.
Twitter: @thepodcastchris


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Every week I give you theories. Not the theories you want, but the theories you deserve. Theories that come from a real want to make society a better place.
Then I invite close friends in to tear those theories apart and shit on my dreams.

Song: Braille Face - Glow

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She’s famous for being able to insert ‘fang’ into any song and we’re stoked to have her back on the podcast with her husband, Flo Bro. That’s right, Skruins tragics, Melon Fuckhead is back to fang it up.
They talk about the benefits of eloping, how to entertain yourself with a sleeping bag and leaping over your lover at 5am singing Peter Gabriel.

On a bit of a sour note, seems Dan from Cairns has got himself into a bit of trouble. We’ll let you know more when we find out, but we are incredibly worried for his safety.

Song: Leather Towel – Nacho Chips

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