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It's getting near the end so time to bang out a bunch of segments so they don't just sit in my head making it hard to coordinate motor skills.

Song: I can not remember who this song is by! If anyone knows, let me know! I dig the song too - just can't remember how I found it. 

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Some bits of Skruins that I loved, so it's mostly just me laughing. 
Only two more episodes to go - don't worry, next week's isn't a clip show!

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You know my poorly thought out theories are always amazing. Well, it's time to squeeze three of them in to one episode!!

Song: Dead Kelly - The Legend of Borry

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Craig Coombes has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Since getting the bad news, he started doing comedy and now travels around the world with Adam Hills performing a show called 'Clown Heart', he's started posting naked photos every Tuesday, he's met his heroes and now calls a lot of them friends and found out he has one of the best friends ever. 

He talks openly about death and his cancer treatment, including eating radioactive pills and telling his family as well as his new lease on life. 

Easily one of my favourite podcasts that I've done!

Song: Meghan Trainor - All About The Bass

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An old episode I sat on for a while, but hopefully it's still got some juice in it. 
I'm married, you're married, we're all married. Well, not all of us are - that's the knuckle dragging Liberal party's work. But divorce is happening all the time too, so I wanted to chat to someone whp went through a big break up and pick over the bones of their relationship in hopes that we can all learn something, or forget something or vaguely remember something. 

Song: Birdstriking - Monkey Snake

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What's with gross sex pests in South East Asia? Does the region make you that way or are gross people just attracted to warm places?
We've got a South East Asian expert in to try and get to the bottom of it. Not sure if we do, but we do find out the most environmental place to urinate.

Song: Tha Bar Wa Yat Yin Thwe Nge - Sai Htee Sai

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I've got Shae from the Mental As Anyone podcast in to identify my genius and answer some brain questions.
Really, it's a long time coming.

Find Shae's podcast here:

Song: Cosmo - Catatonic Death Trance

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The hunter has become the hunter with former private investigator, Justin Fleming on Skruins this week to give me some stalking tips and how best to serve criminals. He also talks about his stint in porn, being a comedian hosting roast battles and hitting an Australian fast bowler in the groin.

Song: Goon Wizarrd - You've Done It Again, McCain

Justin Fleming:

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